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The 'Leaping Gazelle' flash/insignia of the British XIII Corps and later of Allied Force Trieste is used here until a general masthead has been developed for the Old Soldiers' Home webpages. Suggestions are welcomed.
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An Historical Perspective of the TRUST Command

Compiled by Charles D. Nobles

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This webpage introduces a journalists' view of the history of the May 1945 - October 1947 occupation of Venezia Giulia by Allied Forces and their 1947-1954 peacekeeping mission in the Free Territory of Trieste, 103 articles and reports in all.

Although most of the papers come from American sources, there is relevant information for our veterans, families, and friends of British XIII Corps, BETFOR (British Element Trieste Force), British 24th Infantry Brigade, and their supporting units.

We are all indebted to Chuck Nobles, Tank Company, 351st Infantry, TRUST, who several years ago sent me a paper copy of previously-lost files he had created. I have, with equipment only now available to me, recreated 'PDF' files from that material.

The Introduction and a listing of the contents are downloadable as a 2.2 MB, 10 page PDF file at Doc2002_Trieste.pdf,    http://www.timelycomputerstuff.com/oldsoho/thp/Doc2002_Trieste.pdf

Image-only PDF files, about 11 MB in total, are downloadable or readable at these links:
   3.4 MB, 61 pages, 1945-1947:   Doc2002.1_Trieste.pdf
   3.6 MB, 66 pages, 1947-1949:   Doc2002.2_Trieste.pdf
   3.9 MB, 70 pages, 1950-1954:   Doc2002.3_Trieste.pdf
and are recommended for just skimming and reading, The files can be printed as parts of a book if desired.

Please e-mail the Webmaster if you need access to a searchable and 'bookmarked' set of online PDF files. Caveat: those downloadable files are about 125 MB in total

Chuck Nobles wrote that he was "proud to be one of those TRUST Troopers." I, in turn, am proud to present the outstanding product of his careful research into our Allied history, 1945-1954, in Venezia Giulia and Trieste.

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